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Introducing the Union Boxing Federation (UBF): Embracing the True Essence of Boxing Worldwide

The Union Boxing Federation (UBF) is an international boxing sanctioning body that aims to promote and govern the sport of boxing. The UBF was founded with the objective of revitalizing and reforming professional boxing, ensuring that it meets the essential requirements of quality as a professional sport.

The UBF seeks to create a unified and inclusive platform for boxers from around the world to compete and showcase their skills. By collaborating with promoters, national sports authorities, and other stakeholders, the UBF works towards establishing itself as a recognized authority in the boxing community.

One of the key goals of the UBF is to improve the championship events and maintain the integrity of the sport. The organization focuses on organizing high-quality bouts that adhere to professional standards and provide a fair and competitive environment for boxers.

The UBF also aims to expand the reach of boxing beyond regional boundaries, promoting the sport on a global scale. By embracing international participation and facilitating cross-border matchups, the UBF aims to bring together the most qualified world champions and create exciting opportunities for boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

Through its commitment to excellence, integrity, and passion, the UBF strives to uphold the true spirit of boxing and contribute to the growth and development of the sport.

Our history

The Union Boxing Federation (UBF) in Thailand has a relatively short but impactful history. It was founded with the aim of revitalizing and promoting the sport of boxing, both domestically and internationally.

The UBF was established in recent years to address the evolving landscape of professional boxing and to provide a platform for Thai boxers to showcase their skills on a global stage. The organization sought to overcome the challenges faced by fragmented regional title matches and bring about positive reforms to enhance the quality of professional boxing contests.


Led by prominent figures in the Thai boxing community, including Naris Singhwangcha and Chinawut Sirisompan (Woody), the UBF embarked on a mission to reignite the true spirit of boxing in Thailand and beyond. With their extensive experience and passion for the sport, they aimed to uphold the core values of integrity, excellence, and passion in the UBF’s operations.


The UBF has actively collaborated with promoters, national sports authorities, and relevant stakeholders to establish itself as a recognized authority in the boxing world. By creating an inclusive platform, the UBF has become a gateway for exceptional world champions to emerge and gain recognition.


Under the leadership of the UBF, Thailand has witnessed an expansion of boxing activities at both domestic and international levels. The organization has organized various events, including professional boxing matches, Muay Thai competitions, and training programs, showcasing the rich heritage and talent of Thai fighters.


As the UBF continues to grow, it remains committed to promoting the sport of boxing, nurturing talent, and providing opportunities for Thai boxers to excel on the global stage. The organization’s dedication to excellence and its vision for the future of boxing in Thailand make it an influential force in the country’s boxing landscape.

Khaosai Galaxy, Thai former boxer WBA super-flyweight title holder from 1984-1991.
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