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Introducing Union Boxing Federation (UBF):
Embracing the True Essence of Boxing Worldwide

Our focus lies in fostering a promising future while cherishing the valuable heritage of the past. Thus, to elevate championship events and revitalize regions where fragmented regional title matches prevail, we have taken the decision to establish the Union Boxing Federation (UBF) – a new global governing body for the sport.

We collaborate with promoters and national sports authorities to establish a global boxing authority. Our vision is to create an inclusive platform for exceptional world champions to showcase their skills. With UBF leading the way, we aim to revive boxing’s true spirit, upholding its timeless values of integrity, excellence, and passion.

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Naris Singhwangcha, the chairman of several boxing organizations, has recently assumed the position of Chairman of the "UBF" institution. Meanwhile, Chinawut Sirisompan, the Chairman of the Kru Muaythai Association, has formed a new team.

As the UBF continues to grow, it remains committed to promoting the sport of boxing, nurturing talent, and providing opportunities for Thai boxers to excel on the global stage. The organization’s dedication to excellence and its vision for the future of boxing in Thailand make it an influential force in the country’s boxing landscape.

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